Saturday, 10 July 2010

Card Stall and some Cards

Goodness, it's been a while since i've posted but that's probably because i have had nothing to post about plus i have been preparing for my first 'proper' stall selling my cards!

i had a stall at the Hazel Grove (Cheshire) Carnival today, the sun was shining, there were lots and lots of people there, however... only 3 people bought cards (one of whom is a friend) and most people just ignored the stall. it was more of a family event and i don't think that helped as parents don't want to spend time browsing the cards when their kids want to go to all the stalls with brightly coloured sugary treats and toys (what also didn't help was that i was situated between an ice cream van and toy stall so i got completely bypassed). on a plus note, a girl asked me if the below card was a real laptop!!!!!

anyway it was an experience and i have learnt a few lessons, it has not put me off and i will do another one, but maybe a specialist craft fair instead!

so, onto the cards part, i managed to make more than half a card for a change! here are 5 i made on sunday night: