Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More Calendars

2 posts in a week i sure hope i can keep this up :-D

anyway i've been busy busy busy with the easel calendars and have made 2 more, i still have 2 to make but i have had to put them on hold because my S-I-L is due on friday (7th) so i'm busy making baby cards, however as they decided not to find out the sex i'm having to make 2 of each card :-D

back to the calendars, i have put pics below includng pics of the 2 calendars i'd already made but couldn't upload until today.

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions

So, amongst the usual new year's resolutions of weight loss and more exercise i have decided to start paying more attention to my blog as i have neglected it for a few months.

I've not only neglected the blog but also crafting as i've had some work done to the house and spent all of November sitting on camping chairs it would have been nice to escape to the craft room, however as my craft room is in an uninsulated drafty loft it wasn't the best place to spend time in during the past few freezing months :-D. So now i'm in my brand new beautifully decorated living room, surrounded my crafty bits and pieces trying to make up for my lack of dedication.

I've been seeing alot of easel calendars on the Docrafts forum so i decided to have a go at them myself, i've made 4 so far, however i can only show you 2 of them at the moment as i haven't got the lead for my new (well old and borrowed) camera.