Monday, 18 April 2011

Craft Fair

Good Morning!

i thought it was about time i posted something, i have loads of pics of cards that i've done recently but i just haven't loaded them on to the computer yet, hopefully the forthcoming long weekend will give me the opportunity!

So for now it's just a short post about the craft fair i did on Saturday, the pic below isn't great as i had to take it with my phone because in my fluster i forgot my proper camera.

i'd been invited for a meal to Northcote Manor (in Lancashire - run by Nigel Haworth who some of you may have seen on the Great British Menu - i love that programme) but couldn't go because i'd already booked and paid for a table at the craft fair, well... i spent the first couple of hours wishing i'd gone for the meal instead, our table seemed to get completely bypassed i was so disheartened! luckily the table only cost £10 (originally £12 but a friend gave me £2 for a small section) so i thought it wouldn't be too bad if i didn't make any money. Luckily though it seemed to pick up a little after lunch and by the end of the day i had made £17, it doesn't sound like much but i was chuffed that i'd made the money back for the table and the extra £7 was a bonus, but even better than that i then tripled my takings (to £21) because my OH's brother and girlfriend were visiting on their way back from the Lakes and she bought £14 worth of cards!!!!

Goodness, so much for the short post!!!!

Happy crafting
Karen xxx

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